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Aerospace Enthusiast at Heart | Mechanical Engineer by training | Web-Developer by hobby
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My Journey

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Toronto, Institute of Aerospace Studies pursuing Aerospace Engineering with Emphasis in Aerial Vehicles. I have completed my undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi pursuing majors in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computational Engineering. My interests lie in the broad domains of Computer-Aided Engineering(C.A.E) and have both educational and project-based experience in Computational Engineering. Further Details on projects can be found in my C.V.
During my four years of undergraduate study, I have developed a good base in all the fields of Mechanical Engineering. I have completed courses and projects on topics ranging from Operations Research and Automated Manufacturing to Computational Engineering and Material Strength. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I have done several projects, most of them including Design Optimization and/or Computational Mechanics. I have highlighted my main projects in the CV. All the projects are open source and you can download my reports/ppts/thesis/code from the given links.
My Graduate studies in Aerospace Engineering are encouraged by my Love for Aeroplanes since my childhood. Even the thought of being able to work on the design and/or Manufacturing of Aeroplanes is exciting. Furthermore, the Institute of Aerospace Studies is the highest reputed Canadian Institute housing some of the phenomenal professors. Currently, I am actively looking for an internship in the Aerospace Domain that can help me further explore and experience the domain with multiple roles.
Personally Speaking, I love to interact with new people and to get insights into how they make important Life Decisions. I am passionate about designing innovative products that would impact our society. I love to read autobiographies and psychological books, which not only give me insights into different thought processes and views but also provide exceptional life lessons from successful people.
Although my primary hobby is swimming, and it acts as a stress buster for me, The Covid also made web development my hobby. Amazing Websites and web applications help us navigate through our life with ease and this makes it a fascinating thing that drew my curiosity right from the start when I learned how google works. Company Websites and Web Portals were the most interesting to me and one of the first things I started learning as a student web developer in my college club. I Started Building my club's internal website in Django, which resulted in working on a bigger project of Developing an E.R.P for a Medium-Sized business. Though the back-end was developed and managed by Django, The front-end was only developed using bootstrap and could have been better. This took me to learn React, which then lead me to JAmstack. Once I started developing my own portfolio, I realized the requirement of the dynamic-static website which can be hosted on CDN and be generated dynamically and Gatsby came to the rescue. I have since then worked on a few small projects in gatsby and am still on the path of gaining more skills as a front-end web developer. I am also looking for part-time web developer positions and any leads on the same will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for reading my Story!

Compuational Engineering

Computational Engineering is at the intersection of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Applied Mechanics. My minor in Computational Mechanics provides me with the essential skills for utilizing Computer-Aided Engineering for Industry Critical Problems like Design Optimization and Operations research. Alongside performing meaningful Simulations with reliable outputs, I also have the necessary skills for developing my own custom mathematical model and its code-based implementation in Matlab/Python. Furthermore, I am also simultaneously pursuing an integrated degree in Data Structures and Algorithms via Coursera from the University of California, San Diego. This knowledge further helps me make my code implementations much more Computationally Efficient.

Data Analytics

Data-Driven Insights can help businesses take accurate Decisions by understanding the market demands and required solutions, much like the way it did for Netflix. Data Analytics is at the heart of utilizing this big data for generating Reliable Insights that can be leveraged by senior management for key Decisions. The skills I have developed through my courses on Data Structures and Algorithms, and through my experience as a Data Analyst Trainee in Business Excellence Office, when coupled with my Technical Knowledge provides me with a unique mix that not only helps me identify key oppurtunity losses through Data Analytics( uisng power BI and/or Python) but also almost always point at the most practical solutions to capture those oppurtunities.

Web Developer

My journey as a web developer is still at a starting phase, with not much experience. I would definitely like to develop my skills by working either in the Front-End or a Back-end Setup. My current Back-end skills include Python-based Frameworks (Django, Flask), SQL (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL), Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn, Server Hosting, and Domain Management. My current Fron-end skills include basic HTML/CSS/JS along with some experience with React, a good grasp on graphql, and an idea of how the modern Web Architecture with Blazing fast CDN delivered websites are developed with amazing capabilities like server-side rendering.
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